How-To Spotlight: JK Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

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Brake Master Cylinder

A failed or failing brake master cylinder is not something to take lightly. Here’s how to fix it. 

If brake fluid is the blood making your JK stop, then the brake master cylinder is its heart. Without the master cylinder, your Jeep isn’t going to be able to come to a halt, and that’s never a good thing.

Brake Master Cylinder

Or from time to time you may have found your brakes feel spongy. There may be a few different reasons for this, but the first place to start looking would be the master cylinder. Your issue may be as simple as needing new brake fluid. We have an article for that. But you may need to check on the master cylinder itself, as they don’t last forever.

Replacement isn’t very difficult compared to other projects you can run into at home. The challenge is the number of steps it takes and the various projects that go along with it.

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The primary challenge of replacing the master cylinder is having to flush the entire brake system. Some may find this step to be a bit more than they want to take on, but if you’ve worked through all the other potential issues and circle back to the master cylinder, then it’s unavoidable.

Today’s How-To Spotlight is walking you through the step by step process of doing this at home in a couple of hours. Take a read through the article here. We certainly hope that this isn’t a task you’ll need to take on more than a few times in a lifetime of Jeep ownership. But either way, now you’ll be ready.

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