This JK Safari Cab Would Be a Huge Hit

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I’m sold.

There’s no point in trying to convince me why this custom modular top for the JK Wrangler, which is called the “Safari Cab,” shouldn’t already be in production.

The concept, which is the handiwork of forum member Jeff Scherb, provides more interior room than traditional flat tops for the JK while giving the Jeep a pretty unique look, as highlighted in this JK thread, which features several renderings.


The Safari Cab is being developed with a one-piece swinging rear “barn door.” The modular design allows for the side panels to be removed and swapped out for roll-up soft sides in the summer, Scherb notes. The concept also includes integrated roof rack mounts designed to support heavy loads.

Scherb has already made the molds for the sides and rear panel, and the rear door, which is also compatible with the factory hard top. He says the next step is making the roof mold.


Unfortunately, Scherb doesn’t actually sell Jeep accessories himself. Instead, he develops concepts to be licensed to other companies for production. I can’t imagine why anyone selling JK aftermarket parts wouldn’t want to pick up on this one right away.

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