JK Wrangler Short-Throw Shifter Install DIY

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JK Wrangler stock shifter

This DIY write-up will walk you through installing a short-throw shifter in your Jeep Wrangler.

The manual transmission in the Jeep JK Wrangler has a great deal of travel between the gears while also occasionally popping out of gear when off-roading. Fortunately, both of those problems can be addressed by installing an aftermarket short-throw shifter and NWHONEYBADGER put together a great step-by-step DIY to walk owners through the swap.

The Introduction

Before the OP got into his DIY write-up, he explained the advantage of swapping to a short-throw shifter in the JK Wrangler. This information pertains specifically to the B&M Precision SportShifter that he was installing, but all-in-all, this information applies to all JK-generation Jeeps and all quality short-throw shifter assemblies. He obviously copied the information from B&M, but it is sums up the details on this swap.

B&M Racing introduces the new Precision SportShifter for 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK models equipped with the NSG370 6-speed manual transmission. The unit features a cnc billet aluminum case with an electric blue anodized finish which houses internal components made from super tough 4140 chromoly. The shift throw has been reduced by 35% over the factory shifter along with the detent pressure which has been significantly increased creating a noticeably stiffer shift feel. This was done to address problems with the softness of the factory shifter detent springs which easily pop out of gear while off-roading. The shifter uses the factory shift stick and knob, however a new B&M shift handle is also in the works that will accept a variety of traditional threaded knobs. B&M Racing is the first and only company to address the JK’s need for an upgraded manual shifter option. Made in the USA and supported by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

B&M Shifter


The Wrangler short-throw shifter install DIY written up by NWHONEYBADGER is just 12 steps, starting with the removal of the stock shift knob, the console around the shifter and the shift boot. He explains how to remove the upper portion of the shifter, which is reused with the B&M shifter along with the factory shift knob, before heading down under the vehicle.

JK Wrangler Shifter

Once underneath the Wrangler, he removes the transfer case skid plate and the crossmember under the transmission, allowing easier access to the insulation donut between the floor and the stock shifter. After that, it is time to remove the stock shifter and bolt in the B&M unit with the insulation donut.

JK Wrangler skidplate

From there, it is just a matter of buttoning everything up, including the crossmember and skidplate under the vehicle along with all of the shifter and console components on the inside.

Short-Throw INstalled

Finally, to best exhibit the function of the new shifter, the OP made the video below, showing the movement of the stock shifter and the B&M unit in the JK Wrangler.

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