Jamming a Jeep Together in the Junkyard

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With minimal work, this Jeep is rescued from life in a junkyard and given life on the beach.

Fred and Dave of the phenomenal Motor Trend show “Dirt Every Day” have an interesting project going in the episode above. The guys head to a Jeep junkyard to find something that is mostly passable for instant off-road action.

Dirt Everyday

When they get there, Fred and Dave find this lovely square-headlight YJ Wrangler. It has apparently suffered at the hands of a fire at some point. But the Jeep was still all in one piece, and needed very little work to get it back to the trails. With a 5-speed and a 4-liter, this is really the optimum Jeep for the job. And by removing some of the most desirable parts (the family cage, the half-doors, the safari-rack, etc.) they’re able to get it for a song.

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While still at the junkyard, the guys throw in a good alternator and a fuse to get it running properly again. Then they raise the wheeler up a bit, and give it some proper off-road wheels and tires. They may be slightly too large, but the shoes are certainly good for maximum effect. With no roof or doors and a sport roll bar, this Jeep looks rough and ready. All told, it was two days of work and a couple thousand dollars for a properly prepared dirt machine.

The dynamic duo then take this Jeep to the hills. They run in the dirt with river crossings and sand washes and tunnels all along the way. They take about two days to get to Pismo Beach on the California coast, which would have taken about three hours if they’d driven on the highway. Sometimes going the long way is the best way, as they certainly look to be having a lot more fun taking this scuzzy Jeep on the trails than they would have on the interstate. The easy way isn’t always the right way.

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