‘Jurassic Park’ Jeep Owner’s Experience Is One to Remember

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Here’s the perfect way to show up to the opening of one of the biggest hit movies ever.

Muhammad Sheikh showed up for the debut of Jurassic World in a 1994 Jeep he’s been spending the past two years converting into a replica of the popular Wrangler featured in the original Jurassic Park, as well as the current film, the fourth in the franchise.

The theater even fenced in Sheikh’s Jeep, leading some moviegoers to think that the film company, Universal Studios, had actually sent the Wrangler there to help promote the film, according to San Jose Mercury News.

Sheikh’s story is the latest we’ve featured here on JK-Forum that centers on the Jurassic Jeep, including one about a group on the hunt for one for a Halloween party, and also another story about a different conversion.

However, Sheikh’s experience at the opening for Jurassic World, which has already taken in more than $590 million globally at the box office, is definitely one for the books.

“People were coming and standing next to the Jeep and saying how cool it was,” Sheikh told Mercury News. “I even had a prop from the movie (Jurassic Park), Ned the villain would have a can of shaving cream that would unscrew from the bottom, I had one that looked identical from the exterior. I heard people say ‘look it’s the barbasol can from the movie,’ people thought it was all from Universal Studios, they didn’t realize it was mine.”

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via [San Jose Mercury News]

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