Loaded Jeep Golden Eagle Will Decimate Any Trail

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Refurbished and Well Accessorized Jeep CJ-7

Beautiful 1983 CJ-7 has all the right factory options, all the right work done, and some sweet options to complete the package.

The CJ-7 has a strong argument for being the quintessential Jeep. While it retained the simplicity and strength of the Jeep CJ-5, the CJ-7’s wheelbase grew an extra 10-inches and the new chassis both improved in strength and was designed for the suspension to be mounted closer to the body.

The result was a small hit on the maneuverability the CJ-5 boasts, but the CJ-7 gaining extra stability. As a result, the CJ-7 is still desirable and a brutally efficient off-roader, and a strong favorite for rock-crawlers.

We came across this particularly fresh example on Bring a Trailer and instantly knew it would go for solid money. Everything about it is right for either weekend warrior fun or as a utilitarian but stylish and fun daily driver. It has a rebuilt AMC 4.2 liter Inline-Six, and although the AMC V8 at the time is the sexier sounding option, the larger of the inline-six option had great torque at low revs, was as reliable as a Rolex, and economical to run.

Refurbished and Well Accessorized Jeep CJ7

The carburetor versions aren’t ideal, so something like the Mopar fuel-injection system added here is perfect. We won’t argue with the crankshaft upgrade either.

Add the factory, and recently rebuilt, five-speed manual transmission as well as a new clutch and serviced driveshafts, and you have the perfect drivetrain for a CJ-7. The listing also claims a larger aftermarket radiator, new engine wiring, and a replacement A/C compressor as well as new brakes.

The interior looks excellent and we love the fresh paint and refreshed decals, as well as the factory chrome wheels, aftermarket roof rack, and tubular bumpers. It’s simply one of those Jeeps that reminds exactly why we love the CJ-7.

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