Loren Healy and the King of the Hammers

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In his second year behind the wheel of the new “Red Dragon,” Loren Healy has definitely learned a thing or two. And he recently sat down with DrivingLine to discuss them.


It’s that wonderful time of the year again for Jeepers, well, besides the Easter Jeep Safari. Healy is gearing up and getting ready for the 2016 Ultra4 Racing Season, and he’s looking for some redemption. After winning the 2014 King of the Hammers without following up, Loren has adapted, and is still looking to regain that crown. He spoke with DL about his pre-race rituals, and there is an interesting one of note.


“I check to make sure I am in the correct transfer case gear after a mistake starting the 2015 KOH race,” said Healy. It’s something he checks for before driving off, which is actually not a hard thing to miss when you consider how the KOH starts. Not only are you lining up, but you’re still talking with your crew, your fans, battling the early morning cold, and planning all the way up to your start time. Loren will make sure that doesn’t happen again.


This year’s KOH was different from previous years, thanks to more rain in So-Cal than in the past. So familiar lines that drivers were used to had changed. Routes that used to provide more grip or a better advantage proved not to do so for 2016. But Healy really doesn’t pre-run: “I think the driver’s ability plays a more important role and that pre-running can lead to being too confident in knowing the course.” He also won his first KOH in 2010 without any pre-running.


We know the JK-Forum army will be out in full force for the 2016 Ultra4 season. To get psyched up, be sure to check out our full King of the Hammers Hammertown coverage.

Also check out Nitto Tire’s documentary series on the 2016 KOH. The first two episodes are live, and we’ve embedded them here.

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