Man Accused of Taking Jailed Girlfriend’s Jeep Cherokee and Selling It to a Scrap Yard

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XJ Jeep Cherokee Almost Got Recycled Right Off the Road

If you happen to own an XJ Jeep Cherokee, can you put a price on it? After all of the fun and wonderful memories you’ve had in it? After all the rocks it’s climbed and all of the trails it’s taken you down? Thanks to a scrap yard, one Alabama man allegedly put a price on his girlfriend’s 1995 Cherokee: $262.50.

According to The News Courier, on March 7, a woman parked her Cherokee (not pictured here) at a Taco Bell in Hazel Green, Alabama, then hopped into her then-boyfriend Matthew Gene Wallace’s vehicle and went with him to Wal-Mart. The woman was then arrested for shoplifting there. She gave her Jeep keys to Wallace, thinking he was going to give them to her mother. The woman’s mom didn’t get them until March 9, so Wallace did follow through, but it seems as if he also did something else…

Once the woman was freed from jail, she went back to the Taco Bell where she’d left her Jeep. It wasn’t there. Had it been towed? Not at Taco Bell’s request.

Madison County Sheriff’s Investigator Ken Andrews eventually found the ute on March 9 at Tennessee Valley Recycling (TVR), which allegedly bought the vehicle from Wallace for $262.50 – on March 9. The Cherokee was eventually returned to its owner. As for Wallace, he got arrested and charged with receiving stolen property, but got out after posting a $5,000 bond. He may face another charge, theft by deception, for his alleged sale of the Cherokee to TVR.

The Jeep was spared being ripped apart and/or crushed and lives to be driven (and, we hope, take off-road) another day. However, after this debacle, we have a feeling that Wallace’s relationship with the Cherokee’s owner has been completely destroyed.

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