Marchionne Confirms Wrangler Pickup Truck!

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We’ve been hearing about a rumored Jeep Wrangler pickup truck for years. And for years, nothing. Nada. Bupkiss. Zilch. Seriously, we’ve been hearing about a Wrangler pickup truck for about the same amount of time we’ve been hearing about a mid-engine Corvette. Finally though, we have some confirmation that it is indeed happening.

According to Fiat Chrysler’s Twitter account, which quotes CEO Sergio Marchionne, Jeep is in fact building a pickup version of the Wrangler. The next generation Wrangler is just around the corner, and besides an all new shape, new aluminum body, and a few other new things, Jeep will also introduce a pickup version of the Wrangler that will be shown off “shortly after the Wrangler launch.”

Besides that, FCA didn’t offer any other details. However, they expect to see the Wrangler pickup by the end of next year, meaning we won’t have that long to wait until we see the Wrangler pickup puttering around town.

Who’s finally ready to see a Wrangler pickup truck hit production?

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