Mark Allen, Designer at Jeep, Hates the JK Grill? What?

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It seems that Mark Allen has a bit of a soft spot for the old Jeep grill and, because of that, he really doesn’t like the JK grill at all! “It’s become so iconic it upsets me we still feel compelled to put ‘Jeep’ on the front of a Wrangler. It’s just not necessary,” says Allen.


Mark Allen is the head of design at Jeep, so he does have some say in the grill. While it is iconic, the Autofocus guys dug in and looked at what has been used in previous incarnations. What they found will probably not help Allen’s case as not only has the Wrangler grill has multiple slots, it’s had multiple shapes and is actually a Ford Motor Company design.


What do you guys think? Should Allen really fear any drastic change to a design that really hasn’t been 100 percent since the Jeep and Wrangler’s inception?

via Autofocus

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