Mopar Summer Lovin’ – 2014 Jeep Accessories

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Jeep Wrangler MOJO SliderMOPAR has released new parts to accessorize your Jeep and JK Wrangler in time for summer. Let’s take a look at what new goodies the Chrysler performance guys have for you.

Maximum Performance JK Wrangler Concept SliderAs one of the two most modified vehicles in its lineup, the JK Wrangler gets a host of new accessories to amp up its performance and looks. New for 2014 are sport performance hoods, cold-air intake kits, and tubular side steps.

Cab Covers: Covers are available in two materials: heat-reflectiAlso available is a new easy-on, weather-resistant vehicle cover for the cab to keep nature out while the top is off.

Mopar SummerThere are also new lifestyle racks and carriers that can transport your camping items such as bicycles, kayaks, tents, and more.

Jeep Tent: New tent features 10-feet -by -10-feet of floor spaceThere is even a MOPAR exclusive tent that attaches to the back of any Jeep to give you double the protected interior space while you stay under the stars.

MA2_All_2013_82213729_T000There is the all-new Jeep Cargo Management System, which made its debut during the Easter Jeep Safari.

cargo-1The JCMS is a universal module rack that offers storage for the Trailhawk Off-Road Accessory Kit …

11-2014-jeep-cherokee-cargo-management-system-th… and Roadside Safety Kit. It also has a storage tote, collapsible cooler and more capabilities.

MP011_010MBFinally, there is a new way to keep your MOPAR-ized Jeep in your hands with the new MOPAR Electronic Vehicle Tracking System or EVTS. It’s a Chrysler-designed system that operates similar to LoJack, where your vehicle is tracked all across the US, Canada, and Mexico through a 24/7 rapid-response team.

dodge_durango_82212459However, unlike many tracking systems, the MOPAR EVTS does not require a subscription cost. All you need to do after purchase is register the product with MOPAR, and your vehicle is tracked. There are upgraded service plans that ad a slew of features and services. Very handy for new JK owners who like to keep the top off when they’re out and about.

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