New Jeep Cherokee Recalled for Rear Shocks

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Jeep Cherokee recall text

Damn, I sure was hoping this one wouldn’t find itself in one of those dreaded recalls, but I guess in this day and age they’ve just become a normal part of the car business.

However, the possibility of the rear shocks detaching from the new Jeep Cherokee definitely warrants some major concern.

Chrysler says the problem, which affects the new Ram and Chrysler 200 sedans as well, stems from a bad welding job on the vehicles, according to a USA Today report. Apparently, no injuries have been reported so far, but the faulty weld could lead to damage on other components, or it could affect the driver’s ability to brake.

Owners of the vehicles will be notified in the upcoming weeks for the free repairs, if needed, but if I owned one I’d probably be calling the dealer myself to get the thing checked out.

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