Nine-Year-Old Crashes Jeep into House

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There’s certainly nothing wrong with helping to foster a kid’s love for Jeeps; in fact, we usually would encourage building up that kind of passion for the brand. It helps to fuel Jeep’s legacy. However, we just aren’t sure entrusting a nine-year-old to take the wheel is the best way to encourage that love for the brand, as one Utah man recently learned.

Apparently, the man was letting his grandson back his Grand Cherokee out of the garage when the kid gave the vehicle too much gas, sending it crashing right through the front window of a neighbor’s house.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but the accident did cause quite an alarm for the owner of the house, who was sitting in her living room when it all happened. Her foot was slightly injured from the crash.

“I couldn’t move fast enough,” the woman told the Deseret News. “I tried to move my foot, but here come the couch!”

Yup, maybe we should just stick to buying kids those toy remote-control Jeeps … at least until they can see over the steering wheel.

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