Own This 1947 Willys CJ2A, an Awesome Piece of Jeep Americana

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If you’re looking to add another steed to your stable, or simply want a fun Sunday toy to enjoy with the family, then look no further than this 1947 Willys CJ2A Jeep listed on Bring a Trailer.

This specific little Willys features a full restoration, and even new body work fitted to the original 1947 cowl, though the rest of the Jeep is basically new. The fenders, roof, hood, grille and even the steelies and hubcaps are all period specific, and give this American icon a vintage and somewhat cute look overall.

The interior has been fully redone, and the owner states all instruments are in proper working condition. The motor is a presumably fresh and capable 350 SBC crate motor from General Motors, and is rated at 290 horsepower. Which should be more than plenty to get this bad-boy wherever it needs to go.

While this may not be the ultimate classic Jeep, it’s certainly a very cool looking piece of automotive Americana. Though if you’re thinking of making it yours, you’ll have to visit our neighbors up north in Ontario, Canada!

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Via [Bring a Trailer]

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