Rebel Road Trip – From the Safari to the Beach

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Rebel Off Road decided that they couldn’t just do one event, but two back to back. To add it up they went from Moab, UT to Daytona Beach, FL in roughly two and a half weeks of ultimate Jeep fun! Check out the ultimate Rebel Road Trip.

Moab Departure

The guys at Rebel Off Road started out on their trek from Orange County, CA to Moab, UT at 4 a.m. Along the way, a group of protesters slowed things down in Arizona over the shooting of a homeless man “illegally” camping and was killed. They stopped in for the week at a hotel upon reaching Moab, UT. The first trail they would hit was “Hell’s Revenge” and it was made gnarlier by a rain storm, but that didn’t stop the Rebel crew.

The Rebels decided to take up the invitation from their good friend and owner of AreaBFE, Olaf and shoot a video of the ultimate private off road park. This place looks like so much fun and makes me want to get out there myself! Rebel also had Maxxis Tire engineers from Taiwan to ride along and get some direct feedback during their adventure at AreaBFE. How is that for development?

Play Time and Jeeps on a Beach

The last trail the guys tackled was “Fins and Things”, a tough trail on which they spent an hour to see how slow each Rebel Jeep could crawl up and down the slopes. Finally, the trek ended at Jeep Beach 2014 in Daytona Beach, FL. It was another long adventure down America’s highways with a gas station fire along the way.

From there, the Rebels showed why the East Coast Jeep community is so incredible. Just look at the track that Daytona Speedway set up just for the Jeep Beach celebration! Some of those obstacles were challenging, and there was even a brave soul driving a brand-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee on them. Jeep Beach ended on a cruise on the sands of Daytona Beach, bringing a nice close to the Rebel Road Trip.

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