Jeep-themed Bar Made Entirely of Recycled Parts is Super Cool

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Use your old axles, body panels and even that old work bench make one your own ‘Jeep watering hole.’

Are you in the middle of home renovations, or need an excuse to start? Well we’ve found an awesome idea of how to turn one room in your place into the ultimate gear-head hangout. You’re going to need some time, creativity and skills, but the results are pretty awesome.

In the beginning of this video from BleepinJeep, we see an open room with just a few decorations. Not very exciting at all, but with a garage full of old car parts, an idea is born. Why not make a Jeep-themed bar using as many recycled parts from a Jeep as possible? It takes the idea of a resto-mod car, and puts the same principals into a room.

Starting with a tool chest as the bar’s center piece, a Jeep Comanche’s tail gate was attached to it to set off the Jeep theme, but for the rest of this project, be advised that some welding skills and some cutting tools are needed.

Jeep bar

A bar has to look cool, so the overhang was made from cut and welded metal sheet, but left un-finished to add a rugged feel. When it comes to seating, things get really creative. Essentially the stools are made from hacked up axles that sit on a base made from an old wheel. You’ll need to hike on over to a junkyard and pull some if you don’t have any lying around. With the axles cut in half and the differential removed, the axle becomes the perfect height for the bar stool, and even a leaf spring can be used for a foot rest.

Jeep bar

Custom builds like this are great because none of them are quite the same. Want to use Jeep Fog lights for overhead illumination? No one’s stopping you. Want to use a Jeep windscreen frame as the frame for your flat-screen TV? Go for it! The possibilities are endless.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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