Off-Road Green: How Jeepers are the True Greenies

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Many people outside of our hobby that are environmentalists see us as gross polluters who destroy natural lands. Honestly, they couldn’t be further from the truth, and here are some facts you can point out to those people to show how we are the real conservationists.

First, they will point out that our old CJs, Wagoneers, and Willys are not held up to the same pollution standards as newer, modern cars are. While true, most of us who have those older vehicles do not drive them as much as modern cars. On top of that, we do own at least one modern car.

Further, we don’t junk our older Jeeps! We restore them, maintain them, and keep them in good running order. We use remanufactured parts or we’ll grab an axle, engine, transmission, or anything else from the junkyard and pick-a-part to repair rather than let it go to waste and rust away. We are the true recyclers!

When they complain about the damage to the land, the reality is that honest and proper Jeepers are more careful about where we drive. We stay on trails and tread lightly. We want to conserve the land as much as they do, for a trail that remains natural will always remain fun and challenging for wheeling about.

We also participate in land and desert cleanups. We hate trash as much as the next guy, and we do our part to clean up the land, so when that guy in the Prius scoffs at your Jeep, be kind, but show him the true way of the Jeep driver.

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