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Maybe It’s Time to Leave the JK Safe at Home and Pick up a Beater to Hit the Trails

There are few feelings in this world worse than getting that first scratch on your new car. Scuffs, scratches, dings, and dents come with the territory when you’re into four-wheeling, though. But this Car Throttle¬†video presents an interesting option for JK owners. Why not restrict your JK to daily-driven mall-crawler duty, and pick up an old beater for serious off-roading?

At first it seems kind of silly. At least part of the reason you picked up your JK is for its off-road ability. You might even be the kind of person that views each scratch and scuff as a badge of honor. But even if you’re one of those people, you have to admit that it straight-up stinks to pay the bank every month for a dinged-up toy.

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Subconsciously, there are trails you don’t take and routes you don’t try, because you don’t want to damage your Jeep. It makes perfect sense — what if you roll over a $30,000 truck? Without getting too philosophical, maybe it’s time to ask yourself some questions:

“What fun am I preventing myself from having by worrying too much about my JK?”

“What kind of adventures could I have with something I didn’t care so much about?”

You might think we’re nuts. Heck, we think we’re nuts. What good is an off-roader if you aren’t using it for its intended purpose? If it were us, we’d still take the JK camping, and maybe even tackle some less-intense trails. But, then also have a hacked-up, big-tired Mad Max rock crawler for getting serious. Besides, who ever said “no” to more off-roaders?

Via [Car Throttle]

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