Some (Re)Assembly Required: A Jeep Cherokee Gets Some Air

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Jeep Cherokee Jump 2

There was some truth to that movie “Toy Story.” Some kids treat their playthings gently and preserve them for future imaginary adventures.

Other kids? Not so much. The same goes for big kids with their big toys, like the owner of the Jeep Cherokee in the Busted Knuckle Films clip below.

He loved his rig enough to put some aftermarket wheels and tires on it and top it with a roof rack basket. Then he puts a hurting on it by jumping it over a mound of earth at a high speed.

After leaving the planet for a couple of seconds, the XJ hits the ground – hard. Let’s hope the Sid of Jeep owners loved his vehicle enough to replace the rear window that came violently rocketing out of the rear hatch upon impact.

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Fan Video- WAIT FOR IT………HUGE AIR!Watch More-

Posted by BUSTED KNUCKLE FILMS on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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