Supercharged Jeep JK Wrangler Aims for 400 Horsepower – What’s Up in the Forums

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Jeep JK Wrangler

Installing a Ripp supercharger was just the first in a long line of mods for this killer Jeep Wrangler build.

Once relegated only to drag cars and track monsters, superchargers are beginning to pop up in everything from trucks to off-roaders. Mainly because these huffers offer up quick and easy horsepower increases without having disastrous effects on things like fuel economy and reliability. We’re also beginning to see a ton of Jeep Wrangler builds right here in the JK Forums that are incorporating superchargers. Including “Project Snowflake,” this blown JK project from Tjuice.

“Little eye candy for you! Starting with the engine first – upgraded coils, maintenance items, and a supercharger this weekend. The Ripp SC kit I bought included the upgraded pully, XL intercooler, and bigger blowoff valve. Also got the Ripp exhaust to go with it. I still have to do the radiator, exhaust, and bumpers.”

Jeep JK Wrangler

The goal of this supercharged Jeep project is to reach the 400 hp mark, and we’re betting that won’t be a problem. But as you might imagine, installing a blower is still a relatively involved job.

“Took my buddy and I all day Saturday to install the supercharger. That includes replacing the water pump, removing the intake manifold, cleaning the intake ports, installing new spark plugs, installing hardware for the SC, bigger injectors, new tensioner and relocation, bracket for power steering/SC, intercooler, tubing, cutting some plastic off the radiator fan around the grill, installing the Diablo tune, a-pillar pod, and gauge.”

Jeep JK Wrangler

In the end, however, all that hard work appears to have really paid off.

“I just hit the 500 mile mark with the supercharger, so my break-in period is complete! No signs of issues.”

Despite that milestone, this killer Jeep build wasn’t finished by any means.

“Installed a few more goodies this weekend. I found out that my thermostat housing was leaking, so I replaced it with a new thermostat. Next I installed a Mishimoto radiator and coolant hoses. I was able to install Barricade bumpers, tire rack, fenders, and Rough Country wheel liners.”

Jeep JK Wrangler

So far, we’re digging where this Jeep Wrangler build is going. So be sure and head over here to stay tuned for future updates, including what we hope will be a trip to the dyno.

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