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Jeep Comanche Project, Part II: From Consumer-Grade to Weapons-Grade

Check out the Zone Offroad Project MJ Jeep Comanche getting the snot beat out of it over the course of several days as it tackles logs, mud and suspension-flexing boulders. Despite those unforgiving and sometimes brutal elements, the truck keeps rolling through places such as Kansas Rocks, the Jones Mudfest and Trails, and the D-Day Adventure Park.

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Jeep Comanche Project: Going “Weapons-Grade” for the Ultimate Adventure

Some models and actresses get their starts by being noticed on the streets by agents. Once they start working, they get made over, start dressing in finer clothes and go to exotic locales for work and pleasure. In the video after the jump, think of the 1990 Jeep Comanche in the same way.

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