Terremoto and Triton Take on RallyVenture

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Tony Pellegrino went out to the Silver State Jamboree and the inaugural RallyVenture with the latest version of Terremoto and Triton. How was the new event and how did both GenRight vehicles do? What products will we see soon? Tony gives us the rundown.

It was a great start to the Silver State Jamboree and inaugural RallyVenture for Terremoto and Triton. Terremoto is the ultimate JK in the design of Tony Pellegrino, and it was the perfect JK to take on the trails as it was able to stay two hours ahead of the lower, more everyman Triton.

However, the lead didn’t last as the alternator decided to grenade on Terremoto. Triton was able to continue, though, and finish out the first-ever RallyVenture. It also appears that Tony and the GenRight crew were able to come up with some new ideas on GPS and map devices while on RallyVenture. No word yet, but Tony mentions that they have some products in development thanks to RallyVenture, and he says it’s the future of off roading. Check out more in their video below.

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