What Can’t a Jeep Tow?

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Welcome to the JK Tow Show, Compiled From the Ever-Impressive Jeeps Towing Thread

For everyone out there who loves their Jeep, there is someone else who thinks you own an impractical slab of metal and cloth. “It’s too cold in the winter, and the noise inside is so loud!” they cry out. And then come the inevitable complaints about climbing into and out of a machine that sits so high, despite the massive crossovers most folks seem to love so much. We know better though. We understand that the ride height means we can go anywhere, the open design lets us enjoy nature, and that rugged body-on-frame construction means it can take some punishment. It also means we can tow a big-ass trailer too!

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To celebrate that last fact, and point a finger of shame at those who mock our choice of transportation, let’s check out a gallery of some of the best towing shots on JK Forum.

We dove into the towing-photo thread last year, but we’ve had some great new photos added since then, and we also have a lot of new members. So here are some of the best shots from the last few months. If you tow with your Jeep, hit that thread and load in your photos. And if you are new here, go check out just how awesome your new Jeep really can be.

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