How-To Tuesday: Upgrade Your Jeep’s Bumpers in Minutes

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It’s no secret that once you get the Jeep bug, you’re infected for life. That includes spending ridiculous amounts of money on all sorts of modifications, that for some, will never be used; and for others, they likely couldn’t live without. Regardless, it’s all a money pit.

While a big chunk of money usually goes to tires and suspension, bumpers and winches are must-upgrade components if you’re looking to do serious off-roading. Not only will they hold up better because they’re made out of metal and not plastic, but they will grant you more clearance and allow for better approach angles while climbing hills and over rocks.

While upgrading your bumpers can be pricey, it doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. The video below will show you how in just a few minutes. You can do the bulk of the work to remove your bumpers, and install new and cooler ones. All it takes is knowing what to remove, and in what order to do so.

New bumpers, anyone?

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