How to Upgrade Your Wrangler’s Steering for Off-Road Use

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When is the right time to update your Wrangler’s steering? Here are a few important things to consider…

Jeep builds the Wrangler to handle a lot of abuse on and off the road. However, as you start to push your Wrangler, you may find that some of the factory parts don’t meet your needs when you really want to ramp up the off-road abuse. But there is good news: The more you off-road, you may find a few mods will greatly improve your performance. One such modification is a steering upgrade.

A great new video by prolific YouTube channel Autoedit takes us through the process of installing and upgrading the Wrangler steering system. Car whisperer Jason Lewis walks us through the process using a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JKU.

jeep wrangler steering upgrade

Lewis chooses Metal Cloak heavy duty chromoly tie rod and drag link, and the Rocksport steering stabilizer. The upgrade Lewis is installing offers much stronger ball joints for the steering stabilizer and drag links. This will improve the long term use of the Jeep out on the trails, and on the road. It’s a surprisingly easy upgrade, and with Lewis’ help could be a great weekend project.


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When you are upgrading your Jeep remember that each part can impact tons of other factory parts. For instance adding 37 inch ties will impact the fuel economy and on-road handling. This in turn can also put strain on the steering components. Mild modifications are usually fine, but they could still shorten the lifespan of the stock parts. The Wrangler steering system is not made to handle huge tires. As a result the stock steering system can bind under full lock. While this is not critical to driving the bind will put stress on the stock ball joints. This could lead to premature failure. Best to do your research beforehand to make sure your mod will work with the overall vehicle.

What are your thoughts on this mod?

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