Make Fun of This Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6 Stuck in Snow

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Panzer down! & this happened… not even the #SnowCat… #Cortina

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No amount of niceties can free this overpriced G63 from winter’s grip.

Mercedes-Benz calls the G63 6X6 the “automotive declaration of independence.” Late last month in Cortina, Mother Nature thought to herself, Ha ha. That’s cute. You’re not going anywhere. Mercedes-AMG G63 6X6

Supercar collector Greg B. of Instagram fame took his “#GreenPanzer” out into the harsh winter conditions to do what all G-Classes were originally designed to do: conquer the outdoors.

Some of his Instagram posts show the 6X6 doing just that, despite having the tops of its wheel arches and roof caked with thick white powder.

While some G-Wagen owners use their rigs to make them stand out as the coolest shoppers at the mall, Greg uses his to get over — and through — huge snow drifts. As he says in one post, “Why do you need a @mercedesbenz #G636x6 ?! To go through things!” It sure does…

…until it doesn’t. In the above video, it’s clear that Mother Nature eventually overpowers his 6×6. Its impressive stats become irrelevant. It doesn’t matter that it has 18 inches of ground clearance. The portal axles are rendered useless. The three locking differentials can’t help.

Not one of the six enormous tires can provide enough grip to enable the giant German to extract itself. Greg gets so jammed in the white stuff that even a diesel-powered plow on treads can’t yank the 6×6 out of its arctic prison.

It brings the Mercedes slogan of “The best or nothing” to mind. The 6X6 is a ridiculously capable vehicle, but in this particular case, the 6×6 gives its best and Greg gets nothing – except a lesson on the limits of his truck. Perhaps the folks at our sister forum MBWorld should rethink their choice in off-road vehicles.

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