Those Warning Lights Say a Lot About Your Jeep

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Warning! Your Jeep’s Warning Lights Can Tell You a Lot About Its Well-Being

Chances are, if you own a JK Wrangler, you’ve experienced one or more of those warning lights illuminating in the dash.

If not, just give it some time, as they appear to be a pretty common phenomenon with the Jeep.

In fact, depending on how old your Wrangler is, you’re probably dealing with one of those yellow, green, or red warning lights right now. Perhaps you’re trying to figure out exactly what it is trying to tell you about your Jeep.

There are those obvious indicators, of course. Like the fuel pump icon, which lets you know you’re running low on petrol. But after that, things can get a little tricky trying to figure out exactly what those light indicators mean. Which is why we found a recent Four-Wheeler report so interesting.


The story provides a detailed rundown of the protocol taken in the rental business for reading those JK dash lights, which can tell you a lot about your Jeep.

For example, the report indicates that rental companies typically ground Jeeps that have an ABS light, which usually indicates that a wire-to-wheel sensor has been damaged. Your hill descent control might illuminate as well, when you have a faulty wheel sensor.

The Four-Wheeler report also offers a series of checks for the “snake chasing Jeep” light, which could indicate that you might need a front-end alignment. Or you might have a breaking issue, depending on the status of the “ESC” indicator, as well. A flashing sway bar light could indicate one of two things, according to the report. One being that the sway bar didn’t properly disengage. The other being that there’s an issue with the unit itself.

In fact, the report pretty much covers every illuminating dash light issue imaginable, making the story a vital read for JK owners. So check it out, then let us know what you think.

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Via [Four-Wheeler]

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