What Is Electrolysis and How Do You Test for It?

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With fluid-flush intervals on modern cars getting longer and longer, the need to check your coolant system for electrolysis becomes more important. Coolant, as it breaks down over time, will naturally develop an electric charge, which can wreak havoc on your engine’s aluminum components. It’s an easy test to see if your coolant needs to be flushed. All you need is a multimeter, and a few minutes.

In the Two-Minute Tech video below, the process is quickly and effectively explained. Just set your multimeter to DC voltage, attach the negative lead to a chassis ground, and put the positive lead down into your vehicle’s coolant. If your voltage reads out at more than three-tenths of a volt, you should probably get your coolant system flushed. Avoid leaky heater cores or radiators, and corroded aluminum floating around in your coolant system by adding this system check to your oil change interval. It could save you some costly repairs down the line.

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