Willys-Jeep Restoration ‘Starts’ off on the Right Foot

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Weeks of work and troubleshooting finally pay off as this vintage Willys runs for the first time in many, many years.

With so many old Jeeps and Willys Jeeps out there in the world, there are plenty in need of a total restoration. Which they certainly deserve, given that these are important pieces of automotive and military history. So we’re thankful that there are folks like YouTuber Stoney Ridge Farmer out there in the world doing this important work.

For our host, at least, this particular Willys is a little more important than most. It’s been in the ownership of his father for many years, but has sat in a barn for quite some time. Our host wants to give this Willys a full restoration, but first, he wants to simply get it running again. So that’s the first order of business in this lengthy but fascinating video.

Willys Jeep

It’s quite an accomplishment after our host has worked to weeks trying to figure out what was wrong with the old Willys. Thanks to some research, he found out that the Jeep has issues with fuel delivery and low compression. To troubleshoot the first problem, he uses a homemade fuel tank/canister, hose, and magnets.

After setting the timing and performing some other maintenance, the Willys acts like it wants to run. So our host rebuilds the carb next. After that, there’s really nothing keeping this ancient ride from running. So our host tries the good old fashioned roll start down a hill. And that eventually does the trick as the vintage Jeep fires right up and runs for the first time in ages.

Willys Jeep

It obviously took a lot of work, but watching this Willys come back to life was totally worth it. And you can bet we’ll be tuning in as this old farm Jeep receives the full resto is so deserves.

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