Woman Catches on Fire Trying to Burn Ex’s Jeep

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This is certainly one way to make sure you never, ever reconnect with an ex — set his or her Jeep on fire.

Seems simple enough right? Well, apparently not. A 19-year-old woman in Idaho allegedly decided to take a stab at it and wound up catching on fire herself, according to a KTVB News report.


Police arrested 19-year-old Myra Gutierrez several hours later after she was spotted by witnesses fleeing the scene of the blaze.

The picture I pulled isn’t the actual Jeep that was burned. In fact, the story doesn’t actually say what model Jeep was set on fire, but I think the photo delineates how severe the basic idea is for any Jeep owner.

Apparently, Gutierrez didn’t suffer major injuries and later admitted that she tried to set the vehicle on fire to get back at her boyfriend.

I can’t imagine any words healing his wounds after that ordeal. Doing anything to a person’s Jeep is a sure-fire way to end any relationship, longtime lover or not.

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