Wrangler Gets in on the #BowWowChallenge

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Reality star’s misleading post about taking a private jet sparks a Jeep meme and #BowWowChallenge hashtag.

Looks like the Jeep Wrangler has landed a hot spot in the #BowWowChallenge.

Oh, haven’t heard of it? Well, the rapper-turned reality star, Bow Wow (also known as Shad Moss) reportedly posted a photo on his Instagram, claiming that he was preparing to take flight from Atlanta in a private Jet as part of a tour for his show Growing Up Hip Hop.

No big news there, right? Well, it probably wouldn’t have been if Mr. Moss had really been flying on a private jet, as detailed in a HuffPost report. But a fan saw him on a commercial flight right when he made the claim, and quickly took a photo of the rapper, then posted it on twitter, calling out the reality star.

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The incident has set off a firestorm on social media, with people posting their own “fake-news” if you will in the form of memes, hash-tagging it as the “BowWowChallenge.”

One of the ever-growing list of hilarious pics mocking the rapper includes the photo up top. It shows a Wrangler taken from a book cover, then blown up to look like a life-size Jeep, with the caption“Hittin’ the Trails this AM – #bowwowchallenge”

Yep, fan or not, there’s no saving Moss from this onslaught. Our guess is that he’s got a least a couple more weeks of this madness to endure.

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