Why Are We So Drawn to a JL Wrangler Jumping Puddles?

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Video clips capturing a camouflaged JL in the wild speaks to the popularity of Jeep.

If you had any doubt that the Jeep Wrangler is one of the most popular vehicles in the world, then this should clear it up for any trolls lurking out here at JK-Forum.

But be forewarned: This latest Jeep news may confirm the Wrangler’s mass appeal, but it doesn’t exactly highlight its rugged, go-anywhere capabilities.

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A three-part video series posted on YouTube by BeeVee shows what appears to be a camouflaged version of the upcoming JL Wrangler scaling a few puddles. Not some seemingly impenetrable rocky terrain, but puddles.

So why would we say this speaks to the popularity of the Jeep? Well, because this sighting is pretty big news in the automotive world. Given the coverage the JL has been getting, any news is big news. This is the next-generation Jeep Wrangler, one of the most legendary vehicles ever, which is set to make its debut at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. That makes even the oddest spotting major news for anybody who’s into cars.

There’s also some irony in the fact that the Wrangler is only jumping puddles here; many who buy this new Jeep will never even do this much off-roading in it.

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