Wrangler Owner Learns An Important Off-roading Lesson The Hard Way

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Jeep Wrangler Stuck In Mud

When playing in the mud keep your windows up and your top on. It appears this Wrangler owner got the memo a little too late.

Everyone has to learn a lesson the hard way, eventually. Ideally, when you’re off-roading, and especially going through deep water, you’d like to keep yourself much cleaner than your car. Unfortunately, sometimes the most obvious of truths can be missed. This Wrangler owner missed it entirely.

Reddit user WildWeaselGT was out on an off-roading run with some friends. When faced with a relatively large body of water, most of the convoy went around. However, he thought it the perfect time to go for broke. He drove directly into the drink and paid for it instantly.

“I went out with a group of 5, including an XJ Cherokee, two TJ’s, and a Tacoma. When we got to this water hole, they all went around the edge to the right when I got the brilliant idea of just driving straight through it and falling in a hole,” he said.

The real calamity occurs about thirteen seconds into the clip. When accelerating to attempt to dig himself out, he managed to sling a good helping of muddy water right into the driver side window, covering himself, his wife and his dog instantly. This resulted in him and his wife spending the rest of the evening, and most of the next day doing their best to clean the interior disaster. One Reddit user suggested the brilliant idea to put the top and windows up when facing mud, to which the owner replied: “Yes. We’ve taken this option into consideration and will be implementing it in the next outing.”

Hindsight is 20/20, as they say.

Jeep Wrangler Offroad

Luckily, the event wasn’t all bad. Moments after the mudslinging incident, he did manage to free the vehicle from its potential watery grave. Keen-eyed watchers will note that just seconds after the interior was filled with mud, the owner’s wife promptly rolls the windows up. Too little too late, some might think. At least the effort kept it from getting any worse inside this poor Wrangler.

Just remember, when taking your Jeep out to do Jeep activities, you’d be wise to keep the mud on the outside.

Photos: Reddit

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