Jeep Wrangler JL Rescues Seriously Stuck JK From Muddy Doom

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When you are irretrievably stuck with four flat tires, there’s nothing like a fellow Jeeper saving your hide.

Off-roading with your Jeep in the mud can be a tricky business. Add some ice to that bog and you have a recipe for some serious frustration. Such is the case in this video posted by American Jeeper.

The video shows a Wrangler JK very, very stuck at the Hangover Crawl in Tuttle Creek, Kansas. While driving along, the JK went over some ice, which gave way to a lot of muddiness in a bog beneath.

Jeep JL tows JK out of icy mud

Not only is the Jeep stuck, but the ice cut into the tires. When the video starts the driver has three flat tires. Soon, that turns to four. Ouch.

Jeep JL tows JK out of icy mud

After the group of Jeep riders try a number of methods to free the JK, a JL Wrangler hooks up the stuck Jeep and carefully but effectively bails him out.

It takes an effort, but finally the JK is freed. However, there is the issue of the four flat tires.

Thankfully, this driver was helped out by people he was riding with from his local Jeep group. As we’ve learned time and time again, the Jeep community never leaves a man behind.

Jeep JL tows JK out of icy mud

The video is done with impressive camerawork, including some drone footage. It is definitely a great watch.

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