YouTuber Offers 50 Reasons Why the JL Wrangler Beats the JK

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American Jeeper takes a closer look at the new JL Wrangler & shows how its modularity makes the biggest case against the JK.

Given that the JK Jeep bears the name of this forum, we have a bit of a soft spot for that particular Wrangler. Jeep‘s new JL Wrangler is proving to be so good though, that we have begun to welcome it with open arms. There’s obviously a lot of changes between the two generations of Wrangler, and YouTuber American Jeeper created quite the list of things that make the new one better than the outgoing model.

A Jeep goes nowhere without a motor, and the motor options for the JL are much improved. Diesel and hybrid models are on the horizon, with both engines offering better low-range torque for off-road ease. And it’ll have less weight to lug around, too, being 200 pounds lighter. If you’re serious about off-roading, there’s an optional Dana 44 front axle and automatic 4-High transfer case. Changes under the car include more protection for the transfer case and raised axle breather tubes.

“Wider by an inch and half, the new generation of Dana axles is 8 percent stronger than previous (year’s), and the JL’s overall track is 2.5 percent wider, giving it more stability on and off the road,” the host said.

JL Wrangler

Speaking of those serious about off-roading, the addition of larger wheels and tires is made easier by fender flares which sit higher and pinch/seam welds on the body that wouldn’t interfere with a big tire. In fact, a 35-inch tire can be run without any need for a lift kit. With a lift kit, those body seams and rocker panels can clear tires of larger proportions still.

JL Wrangler

Modifications are a fact of life when owning a Jeep, and the JL Wrangler comes equipped with aux switches for aftermarket lighting, as well as places for mounting those lights. The driving experience is much improved too, with increased comfort, quality and tech in side. Off-road displays for pitch, roll and other car vitals are in the new gauge cluster and the infotainment system has been thoroughly modernized.

Changes like this are why we like the JL so much. Jeep actually designed a Jeep, for Jeep people.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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