YouTuber’s Five-year Jeep Resto Project Looks Killer

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After years of blood, sweat and tears, meet “Jade,” a gorgeous, olive drab old-school Jeep that finally makes her long-awaited pilgrimage to Utah.

Builds, for most of us, are fun adventures. But of course, they generally don’t go as smoothly as we’d like. Road blocks, mystery problems, and parts hunting often threaten to derail us at every corner. And yet, we press on. Because the fruits of that painful labor are always worth it in the end. And in the case of YouTuber iamjake‘s old school Jeep build, we’d say all his hard work definitely paid off in many ways.

This is the latest video documenting “Jade the Jeep” and her construction kicks off in snowy New Mexico. A little fab work is going on to make both the cage and a CJ dash fit into the ride to replace the newish unit. After 10 days and 10 hours of a wrenching run together, the work is eventually done and the flakes give way to sunshine. Just in time for Jake and his Jeep driving friends to make the tail end of the 2018 Jeep Easter Safari.

"Jade the Jeep"

And what more perfect place to christen your newly-built ride than that? With 52 years of tradition under its belt, Jeep owners gather from across the nation in Moab to test their ride’s limits. And their own. But this is a long road trip for our group of pals, one that necessitates an overnight stay. Albeit, in some gorgeous scenery.

"Jade the Jeep"

It’s there that Jake gives us a little backstory on his Jeep, a build that started five and a half years ago. During that time frame, the direction of the build changed frequently, as they often do. But Jake admits that he’s “been thoroughly enjoying wrenching on her” and getting his hands dirty. And it’s quite obvious from this video that he’s rather giddy about the results. Which made all that hard work and those long days worth it, after all!

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