YouTuber’s Killer Jeep Build Pays Off On Perilous Trail

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Tackling the toughest terrain proves to be no problem for Jade the Jeep. Too bad it can’t chop up firewood, too.

It took a full five years for YouTuber iamjake to complete his dream build, which he’s dubbed “Jade the Jeep.” But now that it’s finally finished, Jake is wasting no time putting his machine to the test in a host of extreme conditions. When we last saw this vintage, olive drap Jeep, it was making a 10-plus day perilous road trip to the 2018 Jeep Easter Safari. Now, we get to watch it take on even tougher terrain deep in the lush forest of Carrabassett Valley in Maine.

Of course, the best way to scope out some unfamiliar territory is enlisting the help of some locals. So Jake and his buddy do just that by hooking up with a Toyota Land Cruiser-driving couple. The new friends waste no time hitting some of Maine’s finest trails, which offer up truly beautiful scenery. Not to mention a few challenges along the way.


None of which stand a chance against Jade, the old school Jeep. That includes washed-out trails, huge rocks, and muddy embankments. A giant branch threatens to halt progress along the way. But thankfully, Jake’s new buddies brought a chainsaw. Once the group gets close to camp, the terrain gets much tougher. But with various wheels in the air, Jade the Jeep pushes on with little regard for those obstacles.


That hard work pays off big time, because the camp site is downright gorgeous. Funny enough, the biggest challenge of the whole journey turned out to be finding some wood dry enough to use for a fire! Which just goes to show you. If you want to explore the many gorgeous trails of this great nation, there’s no better way to do it than in a vintage Jeep.

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