Jeep Comanche Project, Part II: From Consumer-Grade to Weapons-Grade

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To see all the hard work and sleep deprivation it took to get this Comanche to its current state, click here to begin from Chapter One.

Chapter 7: Zone’s Project MJ Goes on the Ultimate Adventure

This video is hard to watch without wincing. The Zone Offroad Project MJ Jeep Comanche gets the snot beat out of it over the course of several days as it tackles logs, mud and suspension-flexing boulders.

Despite those unforgiving and sometimes brutal elements, the truck keeps rolling through places such as Kansas Rocks, the Jones Mudfest and Trails, and the D-Day Adventure Park.

Occasionally, it needs night repairs to make that possible. For instance, day 2’s festivities absolutely mutilate one of the rig’s ball joints.  The Zone crew adapts and works with what they have (or can get overnighted), though.

Push the play button to see the green machine get down and dirty in the Ultimate Adventure, and then click the “Next” button at the bottom for the full damage review.


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