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How old do I need to be in order to become a member of JK-Forum.com?
JK-Forum.com is intended for mature audiences only and you must be at least 14 years of age or older in order to become a member.
What is an Administrator?
The Administrators help manage and operate JK-Forum.com. The views and opinions expressed by Administrators do not reflect those of Internet Brands, the owners of JK-Forum.com, or those of its sponsors.
What is a Moderator?
Moderators are regular members who have generously agreed to volunteer their time to help manage JK-Forum.com and enforce its rules and policies.
Can I post links or contact information to Manufacturers and/or Vendors who are not sponsors of this forum?
While we do encourage the open discussion of all products being manufactured or services being offered for the Jeep JK Wrangler, we do not allow contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, specific contact names of representatives or direct links back to manufacturers or vendor unless they are a sponsor of jk-forum.com. Any posts containing such information will be edited accordingly.
I just registered on the forum. Why am I still having problems viewing certain forums and/or making any posts?
In an effort to prevent spam bots from signing up and polluting the JK-Forum.com with harmful content, viruses and/or spyware, all new member accounts require approval from an administrator prior to activation. Unfortunately, this process may take up to 2-3 business days and we ask for your patience during this time. Please understand that this process is necessary step to help protect the members of JK-Forum.com.
Can I have more than one user account?
No. Registering under more than one username is prohibited.
What can I post in my signature?
You may only post non-offensive text in your signature such as descriptions of your Jeep, famous quotes, etc. You may also use BB code and emoticons to enhance your signature but photos or images are not allowed nor is any HTML code. Please refrain from posting ANY website links (clickable or not) unless they are internal links or links to sponsors. You may ONLY post non-clickable links to personal websites, clubs and/or non-profit organizations with written permission from the administrator. Written permission from the administrator is also required if you wish to post a clickable link to a charity or charitable organization website. NO SOLICITING is allowed.
What can I post in my profile?
You may only post non-offensive text in your profile such as modifications you have made on your Jeep, accessories you have installed, etc. Please refrain from posting ANY website links (clickable or not) unless they are internal links or links to sponsors. As is the case on the forum, DO NOT post any BLACKLISTED manufacturers or vendors in your profile as that is against our rules.
Can I promote products and/or services that I received for free, at a discount, in exchanged for services or before it's available to the public?
If you have received products and/or services from a manufacturer, vendor or any Jeep related business free of charge, in exchange for services, at a discount or before it's available to the public and you are now promoting it here on JK-Forum.com, your account may be considered to be that of an employee or paid contractor of the company in question and, will therefore be suspended. If the company in question is a sponsor, your account may be reinstated if your account is changed to reflect your association with them. If the company in question is not, your account will remain suspended.
Are groupbuys allowed on this forum?
Sorry, but groupbuys are not allow on this forum.
Why has my post count gone down?
As of 05/24/08, all posts made in the Anything & Everything sub-forum will no longer be added to your total post count. Any posts made in Anything & Everything before then will be subtracted from your total post count. Also, any and/or all threads and posts made by members who are now banned are subject to removal. If you had posts in a thread that was created by a banned member, the removal of them will result in the subtraction of your total post count as well.
What is post padding?
'Post padding' is the act of abusively making generic posts without adding any significant value to the original topic(s) and done so with the purpose of increasing the total post count a member has. JK-Forum.com discourages this behavior as we see it to be a form of spam. We also reserve the right to delete any post(s) that we determine to be post padding.
Where can I post items I have for sale?
You may only post items you have for sale in the For Sale sub-forums on JK-Forum.com and only if you have sufficient member privileges. Posts made in any other sub-forum will be moved or removed as needed.
Why can't I start a new thread in the For Sale Forum?
In an effort to help control scammers from taking advantage of our members, we have changed the permissions in our for sale forums so that only active members are allowed to start new threads within them. You will need to have been registered for 30 days and have 5 legitimate posts (posts made in Anything & Everything do not count and post padding is prohibited) to your name before the forum software acknowledges you as an active member and automatically changes your account status allowing you to post items for sale. The forum permission settings are made across the board and exceptions cannot be made.
What are the For Sale Forum Rules?
The For Sale Forums are intended for use by active members attempting to sell their items only. If you do not have not been registered for 30 days and have 5 legitimate posts (POST PADDING IS NOT ALLOWED) you will not be allowed to post items for sale.

When posting an item for sale, please make sure to list your location and a price.

If the item you are selling is available for pick up only, please indicate as much as well as your location in the title.

It is highly recommended that you post a current photograph of the item you are selling. This will help interested parties to see what kind of condition it's in and help increase your odds of getting it sold.

Please do not sell handguns, rifles or any other firearm or parts for them on this forum.

DO NOT troll members trying to sell their items. If you do not like what they are selling or agree with the price they are asking, please keep your opinions to yourself.

NO SOLICITING ALLOWED. This For Sale forum is intended for non-commercial member use only. Sponsoring manufacturers, vendors and Jeep related businesses may only post in the Sponsoring Manufacturer & Vendors forum. All other non-sponsoring businesses may not participate on JK-Forum in any capacity as was stated in the rules you agreed to when signing up.

Please post inquiries regarding items that you are looking for in the Wanted forum.

DO NOT repost or double-post your items for sale. Double posts will be deleted.

DO NOT hi-jack and solicit items you have for sale on threads started by other members.

While bumping your posts back up to the top is allowed, please limit your efforts to only once a day.

When an item has been sold, please indicate so in the original thread. This will alert other members that the item is no longer available.

Please DO NOT ask for a thread you created in the For Sale forum to be deleted. We do not delete these threads as they are transaction records and can assist both buyers and sellers in the event things do not work out as planned.

DO NOT link or direct members to eBay or any other website for the sale of your item.
What is an Infraction?
An infraction is a reprimand given to members who have been caught violating JK-Forum rules. Multiple infractions can and/or will result in the banning of a members account. If you receive an infraction, you will receive a PM explaining what you are being reprimanded for and your account may be temporarily suspended.
What is a "banned" member?
A banned member is a individual who has had their account terminated here on JK-Forum.com and is no longer able to view any content on it. Members can and will be banned for purposefully breaking JK-Forum.com rules, trolling administrators or moderators, trolling the forum by actively inciting drama and/or being openly antagonistic or hateful toward JK-Forum.com. The owners of JK-Forum.com reserves the right to ban any member for any reason and without any prior notice.

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