Replacing the starter on the Jeep Commander

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Replacing the starter on the Jeep Commander

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    Default Replacing the starter on the Jeep Commander

    I just noticed this new thread.

    I thought it would be helpful to post the steps to replace a starter on a 2006, 4.7L XK that I pulled from another forum (posted by nate00 on They worked for me but could be done a little easier. I didn't have to do steps 6, 8 - 10 and I added step 15.

    Hopefully this will help the next person out. I was able to replace mine without doing them. I left them in the sequence in case someone wanted to know about them.

    1. Block rear tires
    2. Jack up vehicle from jack point just behind drivers front tire.
    3. Put jack stands under both front jack points.
    4. Remove drivers side front wheel. 3/4in (more room to work)
    5. Remove 30a fuse that powers all radio functions
    6. Place transfer case in neutral (engine on, foot brake on, trans in neutral)
    7. Remove negative battery cable and secure (10mm)
    8. Remove 4 15mm bolts from front of drive shaft (impact wrench and possibly heat to remove)(put loc-tite on when reinstalled)
    9. Remove 6 8mm bolts from rear of drive shaft.
    10. Separate drive shaft from transfer case and slide rearward and leave there.

    11. Remove 2 15mm bolts holding starter.
    12. Manipulate starter to access two 10mm bolts holding heat shield and remove shield.
    13. Remove 13mm bolt holding large wire connector with flex head ratchet
    14. Rotate starter to view small wire connector. Push on connector release on side located near center of selonoid and it will pop off easily(do not pry).
    15. remove the starter through the driver wheel well opening by folding back the inner wheel well liner (my addition)
    16. Install new starter in reverse order or removal.

    Tools required Good impact wrench , air compressor , 3/8 flex head ratchet, various extensions 1/2" and 3/8" , 1/2-15mm socket,3/8-13mm socket , 1/4-8mm socket, 10mm box wrench, 3/8-1/4 adapter, blue loc-tite, jacks and stands, propane torch , flashlight.

    Good luck.
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    He starter was an ALL DAY job for me a few years ago.. Holy crap its location gave me hell!

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