Switched to Jeepswag / Woods from MBRP Exhaust

Switched to Jeepswag / Woods from MBRP Exhaust

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    Default Switched to Jeepswag / Woods from MBRP Exhaust

    Hey guys, over the weekend I swapped out my MBRP off road exhaust with the JeepSwag model and wanted to share my thoughts.

    First, I was never really happy with the sound of the MBRP. I enjoyed the volume of it, not too soft and not too loud. No real drone, however what I didn't like was the gargling noise that plagues most after market exhausts. It's the gargling sound you get when coming off the gas at low speed, particularly in 1st gear. I think it's very annoying. I've written other threads specifically about it, and you can check my thread history to find it if your interested. However, in that thread, a couple of you mentioned the JeepSwag exhaust as a less frequent offender of this noise artifact. So, I decided to give it a shot.

    I had the off road relocated version of the MBRP, and the Jeepswag is also a relocated exhaust, however it is a tad different. It comes with 1 less tube, and is meant to reuse the most proximal tubing from the stock exhaust with some cutting involved. It's muffler also sits right where the Evap canister is, so you need to relocate that. Since that extra length of tube is meant to be reused from stock, and I no longer had that from my MBRP conversion, I choose to take my rig to a local muffler shop, so they could weld on a short piece of straight pipe for me.

    First of all, the sound of the Jeepswag is really pleasant. The volume sits somewhere between stock and the MBRP. It,s not quite as loud and maybe just a little too soft. What I love, though, is the much much less noticeable gargling noise in 1st gear. I wish it was a tad louder, but the trade off of not having that annoying gargling is worth it.

    Overall, I would highly recommend the JeepSwag exhaust. It's a well made product and easy to install, especially if you are coming from stock. If you are coming on another aftermarket kit, then you may have to get some straight pipe to weld in. Also remember, that you will have to locate your EVaP, but you should be doing that anyway.
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    Thanks for all the info. Going to look into the jeepswag.
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