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VIDEO - KEEP IT TIGHT : The JK-Experience Colorado - Alpine Loop [Part 3 of 4]

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    Nicely always...
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    Awsome video!

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    Awesome trip
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    Great Vid

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    I thoroughly enjoy these videos too! Good commentary too in addition to the awesome footage!

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    Love your videos... Can't get enough of em. Quality edits and very entertaining! Keep it up!

    "Roads, where we're going; we don't need roads!" -Doc


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    I apologize for not responding on this thread sooner, it had been crazy for us leading up to Moab and while there, I simply had no time to catch up on things. Having said that...

    Quote Originally Posted by 2vpblaze View Post
    Yet another awesome video. Its amazing to see how far along your videos have come. Completely different (and better) then a few years ago!
    Thank you, it's hard to imagine that up until a few years ago, wayoflifette had never even picked up a video camera let alone edited anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by danmojo82 View Post
    HAHA Im gonna have to side with GCM 2 on this one.

    And just incase it goes over any of your heads.
    That is just too funny

    Quote Originally Posted by skibum6019 View Post
    As soon as the videos post i have to watch them - really frowned upon at work.
    another awesome vid! thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by JK-UTE View Post
    Another successful 25 minutes wasted at work Thanks for the video, love to day dream and get paid for it!
    Sorry guys, hope you don't get in trouble

    Quote Originally Posted by Dynomax View Post
    One of the funniest parts of the whole trip was G's explanation of winning the winch contest. I was standing there laughing my tush off.
    Also I was pretty fired up that my brother (it was the first time he tore apart an axle, but not the last) was there to help take a part the front axle as well, felt bad for the crew putting it back together...
    But we eventually got it back together and hit it on Billings Canyon. It no has RCV's.
    Great video WOL and WOLette.
    You and your brother were real troopers working on that rig of yours

    Quote Originally Posted by 1BAMFR View Post

    Whats the minmum size Jeep you allow to go with you?

    4" lift and 37" tires min.?
    Quote Originally Posted by Dynomax View Post
    Everyone was running 37's up to 42"s.
    4" lift would be fine.
    Truss those axles, and have locker(s) front/rear.
    Yup, what Dynomax said

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    Quote Originally Posted by GCM 2 View Post
    Haha! You know it brother!! In all honesty, we learned something about the Warn PowerPlant winch that day that I did not know. The air tank/reservoir has to be empty to allow the winch to work. I had the much better ARB female hose coupler attached to on mine to be able to run the ARB hose (also better), well with that female coupler attached the tank cannot purge itself of air. Well, end result was that we ended having a great time!!
    Who would have thunk that would have been cutting off your winch. Still, I learned something from it

    Quote Originally Posted by fstopme View Post
    Not only am I jealous of the run.. I'm jealous of the video crew who shot it. (I do that kind of work.)
    Crew? LOL, for the making of this film, there was wayoflifette and that was just about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by JKMARINE View Post
    That's awesome. I didn't know you guys passed through my little home town. I'm from Caņon City. My family helped build the Royal Gorge. My Grandmother used to work at the bridge. I wish I could have made that trip.
    No way, that is so cool that your Grandmother used to work there. Very cool place.

    Quote Originally Posted by jokerforever View Post
    Your videos inspire me. I'm on my 8th deployment to the AOR. The last couple of months have been hard but watching your videos over and over has helped me get though it. I'm inching to get home and start the build on my Rubi. I made the mistake of buying it a few weeks before leaving. Now I've been setting here, day after day, dreaming about the build and the adventures after I get home. Only two and half months left!

    Oh, and I'd like my new hoodie in XXL please.
    Please stay safe and come back home soon

    Quote Originally Posted by GumbyDammit View Post
    Thanks for another AWESOME adventure! By the time I'm done watching the last part, I think I'll quit my job and head out for a life on the road!!........ Yeah, I guess I won't get too far at $4.00 a gallon and 15mpg with no job.
    Gas is a killer right now and by the look of the attendance at Moab this year, I think everyone is feeling the pinch.

    Quote Originally Posted by jono967 View Post
    You guys rock

    Down Under in Aus we have mud, hills, river crossings desert and a little snow but your scenery, mountain ranges, lakes are just amazing.

    Cant wait to get over there and go play with you guys and girls

    So we can dress up all pretty and go 4 wheel driving

    Wendy watched the video with me and said if we ever got over there we would have to grap two JK's cause there is no way she would ever sit in the passenger seat she would want to drive all the way and there would be no way I would ever pass up a great opportunity like that

    You guys rock

    Remember you are always welcome to come over here and come play with us JK or no JK
    LOL!! Sounds like you have a keeper

    Quote Originally Posted by justbandit55 View Post
    I like how excited Eddie got because Handlebars had Good Ol American Honey!!! lol

    Love the video, great scenery in this one! And that sling shot at the royal george is just nuts!!!

    As Always, KEEP IT TIGHT!!!
    Well, ya gotta know that it is pretty rare to find a watering hole that carries the good stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by Sudz View Post

    The Maine - Don't Stop Now
    Lenny Kravitz - Fly away
    Ladyhawke - My Delirium
    Abused Romance - Fly High
    Armin Van Buuren - Take A Moment
    Gypsy & The Cat - Time To Wander
    Not bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by kkeating View Post
    The scenes of snaking along the shelf road were particularly nice, and the editing throughout the video was first-rate. I appreciate how much patience it must have taken to coordinate the visuals with the music.

    I wish my JK had a taller lift and bigger tires (it's now at 3 1/2 inches and 35 inches, respectively) so that I could justify applying for a future trip. Even if joining you never comes to pass, I'm getting plenty of ideas--and plenty of encouragement--from your videos.
    Well, I do hope that it will come to pass some day

    Quote Originally Posted by RhuntMT View Post
    Aweome videos! Makes me envious!

    I was watching this when my wife walked in. She calls them "Jeep Porn". I guess I cant argue.

    Now shes planning a mod for a Jeep she doesnt have yet! Mine isnt even paid for yet. I'm going to be a broke man!
    So long as she's doing the planning, it's all good

    Quote Originally Posted by gnarlyswine View Post
    I have Got to make a trip to Colorado. Need to drive over that bridge with my wife (hates heights ) and stop in to see my brother in denver. Id originally planned to stop of on the way to moab but this looks better.
    You'd really enjoy it and, if you can do it, you should.

    Quote Originally Posted by LabRat View Post
    I look forward to your videos like I'm waiting for the summer blockbuster.
    You're too kind, thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iamtrip View Post
    Another sick video!!! Great job; can't wait for #4!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Finger3 View Post
    Love all Your videos. Can't wait for #4.
    I hope you can be patient with us. Moab set us back a bit and so it won't be coming out for at least another week. Sorry.

    Quote Originally Posted by snopro269 View Post
    I love the part where you guys are touring the Suspension bridge and waiting in line to go on the slingshot ride
    In the background there's a sign that says " No Playing On The Rocks" Tell that to a bunch of Jeepers!!
    Good eye and yes, the sign is ironic.

    Quote Originally Posted by OutWestJeep View Post
    Very cool! I live just outside of and work in Canon City where this episode started. Very cool to see you all rolling through my town. I love Colorado!
    How cool is that. It was a real pleasure to pass through your neck of the woods.

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    Default Congratulations USMCgrunt

    Congratulations USMCgrunt!!
    You have just been selected at random to WIN a Project-JK Hoodie!!

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