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2 door custom rear seat (bucket replacing bench)

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Originally Posted by Jonesix-ed View Post
I know this thread is a bit dated ... but would love to change the back seat in my 2016 JK 2DR ... and found this


Wondering if anyone has installed anything like this in their Jeep?
I realize that this again... is an old thread, but considering we are trying to figure out a way to make our backseat into a one seat.

But, I'm responding here because of the Subaru seats you have posted the link to. Hubby went to a junkyard and actually pulled out an Subaru STI seat with bolsters. He got it for about $20. Anyway, at this point, we are just trying to figure out how to make it work. His idea was to bolt it down in the back, but discovered to get to the area is a bit difficult especially on the passenger side. Driver's side is easier.

Anyway, just thought you may want to check out the seats on the Subaru (front seats). You've started thinking in that direction way back in October.
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Originally Posted by Hoovis View Post
I wanted one bucket seat in the back of my 2 door (and add cargo space), but with the option of a second bucket seat in back to fully replace the rear bench. As a quick note, I have a kid on the way and refused to give up my 2 door, so looked into options to make the 2 door "kid friendly" by being able to access the back seat through the tailgate. I could not find anyone who had done something similar, so figured a way to do it myself. Perhaps this is helpful to others, for any variety of reasons.

First, I'd like to give my kudos to Eastside Custom Truck of Kirkland, WA. They took my vision and SAFELY and securely installed my seat as I envisioned. I did what I consider quite a bit of homework, and they implemented exactly what I wanted. This is pretty easily replicated if you also want a 3 seater with the extra space for cargo (or 1 or 2 full bucket seats in back).

Before I post the pics, just know that there aren't a lot of aftermarket seats that can fit 2 buckets in the back of a 2 door. I searched. Most are too wide, too deep, or too tall (depending on headrests, but factory are removable, which is a huge plus). I also preferred the upholstery to match, but that was secondary. Nice that the right seats were also identical to the front, IF you can find them.

To my surprise, the best fit (by dimensions) I found was the factory front seats. But they are hard to find (the dealer quoted me at $2k each -- ridiculous). I finally found a set (both driver and passenger) on the East coast for $400 (only 6 sets nationwide that I found at salvage yards, and most were at $500+, plus shipping), and once found, I had them shipped.

To be clear, I wanted to be able to NOT have to maneuver the front seats to get an infant carrier into the back. WAY too much hassle. So I figured if I could just have one bucket in the back, I could slide the infant carrier through the opened tailgate since there was no longer the seat back (on one side) to contend with.

Here is the final product:

With the seat slid forward, there is a ton of cargo space:

For those who wanted to see roughly what it looks like with the 4th bucket seat in, here is a pic (the closer seat is up an extra inch as it is sitting on the bolts still, but you get the idea).

You can see that there is still room for the 4th (matching) bucket seat, but I didn't have that one installed (Again, I need the cargo and room for the kid.) But it WILL fit. I will probably work on some sort of more easily removable 4th seat option before installing, without having to crawl under the Jeep to unbolt it.

But for my purposes, this works GREAT. Because the seats are on sliders, it can still move 2 inches back from where pictured, or 7 inches forward if I need more storage behind. It is about as flush to floor as possible, and can fit someone 6'2" still in the back (for a soft top). As I said, it can be slid forward or back some, and is fully reclinable the same way your front seats work.

So perhaps this idea helps others with a 2 door wanting the extra cargo space or just to make their 2 door easier for an infant carrier (and it will be pretty darn easy). But wanted to share in hopes that it helps anyone else the way the other threads have helped me.

Lastly, you may be as surprised as I am, but the rear seat belt clip is different from the front. So I'll have to change out the receptacle or trim the metal on the clip. Surprised me, too, that they aren't the same, but there is always a flaw in something custom. This seems to be it. But should be an easy fix.

Edit: I swapped out the seat belt buckles from the original rear bench so they now work as they should. If someone doesn't have that part anymore (but still has the original belts in the back), the part number is 5KP791DVAA, and I was quoted $77 -- for that price, I robbed my own buckles as maybe nobody wants to buy the bench anyway.

Any thoughts or further questions are welcome, but two bucket seats in the back (on sliders) IS possible. I'm pleased with the results (but am holding off for the moment on installing the 4th until I can design an easily removable solution for the last seat).

This isn't exactly a full "write-up," but I know the info inside and out, so please just let me know if you need any additional info.

Just trying to do my part to keep this forum as good as it is.

dude. I need this. What do I need to order have a 2 month old and I canít keep killing my self putting him in. Please tell me what I need to buy. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by UGoonie ! View Post

dude. I need this. What do I need to order have a 2 month old and I canít keep killing my self putting him in. Please tell me what I need to buy. Thanks.
You'll need to find a bucket seat, and then someone knowledgable/talented enough to install it well enough to give you peace of mind that it's safe for your kid. Fits just fine, though. Worked great for me for 3 years, until my wife selfishly got pregnant again, so I traded the 2 door for a 4 door.
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