Changing gears in 2010 JK Sport

Changing gears in 2010 JK Sport

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    Default Changing gears in 2010 JK Sport

    I have 2010 JK Sport 6 speed with a 3 1/2 inch lift running 35 inch tires...I am torn on a couple of things that I want done...First is new gears, I have been told 4.56 and 4.88...And I am interested in putting a locker on when the gears get swapped...Funds right now only allow for a differential locker of some sort...This is my daily driver as well as off road...I don't like to get too crazy with it off road, nothing extreme, a few rocky slopes, water crossings and average hill climbs are what's in my area...Any opinions would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!

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    There are gearing charts available to best help you select a great ratio. Based on your current tire size, 4.56 would be a good choice. If you plan to go to 37's then go with 4.88.

    TrueTracs would likely be a good choice for your use. They're invisible when you don't need them and visible when you want them.

    Best of luck.
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