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Hidden Jeep kill switch anyone?

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    Did this to my 95 wrangler and it was really easy. The hardest part is finding the wires coming out of your fuse box under the hood that delivers power to your starter. Sharp multimeter leads makes the world of difference in testing the wires. Once you find the right wire cut it splice in two more wires that run into your jeep somewhere(your choice where you want them) and then put a switch between the end of those wires. I drilled a hole out of my old ash tray and stuck it in there. Good luck I hope this helps.

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    All JK have the chipped key as far as I know. My 07 X does.

    All the grey keys, all the keys with the remote built in do. The only Chrysler key that does not is the thin black hard plastic ones. Those were only valet keys. Or for base model neons back in the day....

    I don't really see the point to this in a newer vehicle...besides if they want it that bad they can have it. That's what insurance is for.
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    Here's a HOW-TO article on how I added a hidden kill switch to my JK. It's a must for my two year trip around Africa.

    DIY Jeep Wrangler JK Kill Switch | The road chose me

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