Pizza Time! Why 235/85R16 32" on 16" Steelies Work

Pizza Time! Why 235/85R16 32" on 16" Steelies Work

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    Default Pizza Time! Why 235/85R16 32" on 16" Steelies Work

    Finally got a replacement second set of tires. I had Rubicon take-offs for a second set, but they cupped before I got out of the driveway, killed my fuel mileage, and 6th gear was no longer a possibility for a hint of a interstate grade.

    I've got a wimpy Sport with 3:21 gears, 6 speed, and commute on the stock 29" tires, and use a second set of 32's for hunting.

    235/85R16 are about the skinniest tires you can get in a 32", and the just so happen to fit the stock 16" steel JK rim superbly. My theory prevailed, that rolling resistance is half the issue with upsizing tires. These are much much less noisy, much much less rolling resistance, 6th gear can actually be used now, my mileage dropped but only half as much as the drop with the BFG MT's. And yet, the tread is just as aggressive - had I gone with an AT in the same size, I'd feel confident mileage and torque would be even less impacted. For mud and street, skinny works - but for rocks and traction, they aren't optimal.

    We did a trail yesterday that was mostly rock and dry climbs, and I had more trouble than the ATs with lockers and the extra low transfer case (Rubicons). Of course I had the best rig for mud, crawling thru bogs where others were having to build speed and spin! We all made the advanced trails without detours. It was all fun, and each of our rigs had advantages depending on the challenge.

    Pizza cutters:
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    Mud plunge:
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    3' rock step:
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