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2008 LHD Jeep Wrangler Clockspring Customers.


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Whats funny is that I called the dealer to order the part and they said that they are on back order! Gee.....I wonder why????
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i cant say im surprized, I had mine replaced about a month ago now, and the new one is starting to click now. when i called the dealership, they wasnt too surprized that i was having trouble. told me they would order the parts without even seeing it.
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Old 07-26-2012, 08:08 AM
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Default 2008 JK Clock Spring repaired with help from Jeep Customer Assistance Center

For what’s its worth:

I had the same issue with my 2008 Wrangler JK Rubicon. Airbag warning light would go on/off intermittently while driving, I was able to confirm this was directly related to the movement of the steering wheel, so it was a no brainer to know it was for sure the Clock Spring.

After reading most of the post as well as a bit of research I too was a bit disappointed to learn this wasn’t covered by a recall like many of the 07 and even a handful of 08 and other models. . I should also mention I was at about 37K miles, past my regular warrantee coverage so that was of no help.

On a off chance I called Jeep/ Chrysler Customer assistance center ( 800-763-8422). I politely explained the situation and asked if, because this same part was covered under a Recall for earlier and different models, if by chance they could do anything to help me out..

They weren’t able to give me an answer on the phone, but collected some basic info, name number, make model year and VIN and indicated they would have a case manager contact me. I was contact by them a few days later. We reviewed the request and they asked if I had the issue diagnosed by a Jeep / Chrysler mechanic/ dealership. They indicated this would be needed before they could proceed.

Following week I brought it in, paid the ~$110 dealership service charge and received a Jeep / Chrysler official diagnosis of a defective Clock Spring. I passed this info to the jeep Customer Care folks, they got in touch with the dealership and worked out a means for me to get it replaced for $120 co-pay, Much better than the ~$400 estimate I was given earlier..

I obviously jumped at this …I’m happy to report I just picked up the jeep, $120 later (+$100 diag fee) Clock Spring resolved (along with all my overdue recalls…).

I have to say Customer care folks were very professional and attentive, they kept in constant communication with me throughout the whole process including scheduling the fix and follow-up emails after it was resolved..
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Default +1 2008 JK Clock Spring repaired with help from Jeep Customer Assistance Center

Same deal, 2008 Unlimited Sahara. With help from Jeep Customer Assistance my clockspring was replaced for a $72 dealer diagnostic charge and a $100 co-pay once Jeep Customer Assistance reviewed the case. I was required to contact Jeep, not the dealer.

Would not have known what to do without the JK forum.


PS - I did file a complaint as the OP requested

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Default Clockspring

I filed my in April of this year
2008 JK
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Old 08-03-2012, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by oppo View Post
My Wife Rang Jeep Australia to find out some info on this as my '08 is affected. Their response was that it only affected RHD vehicles made in a separate plant which were for a US Postal Service contract.

The exported RHD wranglers were made in the regular plant and not affected.

Not sure how true this is but just relaying info from my wife who is relaying info from some receptionist at Chrysler Jeep Australia.

I'm not holding out for a recall.

The dealership quoted $1,400 ($1,220 part, $180 Labour) to fix the clockspring.
Ended up getting the part from a US site for A$230 delivered. Will have a crack at changing it myself but have the fall back of getting it done at the dealership for $180.
Wow! Jeep Australia is misinformed. All Wranglers are made in the same plant. There was no US Postal Service contract. USPS doesn't buy these. They are sold to Rural Carriers employed by the USPS. Most of us have to provide our own delivery vehicle. Some use a USPS vehicle, usually an LLV made by Grumann, rarely an FFV made by Ford. The USPS hasn't purchased a Jeep for delivery since the DJ-5 went out of production in the early eighties.
I would suspect the reason our clocksprings are covered is the amount of time we spend in the vehicles exposes Chrysler to a higher possibility of lawsuits from injuries incurred because the airbag failed to deploy. Just speculating on that though.
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Submitted my concern to NHTSA for my 2008 Unlimited LHD
Driver airbag light on. When making right turn light turns off, then returns with chime when steering returns to straight. Cruise control loses speed when set for highway use.
This forum is phenomenal for info! When I asked the dealer about a recall or warranty coverage for defective clock spring he said none are in the chrysler system. The Service Advisor seemed oblivious to clock spring failure even after I mentioned the RHD coverage mentioned on this forum. I asked the SA what difference could the dealership or Chrysler find between a LHD and RHD clock spring? "Sir, I really don't know?" is all the SA said.
Ok so as all know the dealership makes you sign to authorize the initial work. On that signature line is the "diagnostic cost" of $95! So I say to the SA I already know what the defective part is from research on JK Forum. The SA says "Sir, if it is the clock spring I won't charge you the diagnostic fee."
Fair enough and I close our conversation asking for a quote to replace the clock spring so I can contact Chrysler for warranty coverage approval. "Sir, our warranty rates are not the same as general repair".
So leaving my jeep for a scheduled 8:30am appointment I returned at 12:30 to find no work done. No sorry, no call knowing I am waiting, no were busy, no we will have it done by ....!
At 1:30 it finally makes it in. After 2 warranty repairs K13 (modified inner fenders) & L05 (replaced transmission cooler lines) I was out of the dealer by 2:45!
No charge for diagnostic. Broken clock spring still in. Light and chime still on.
Dealer cost to repair clock spring $480.21! A deal as it includes cost of new part @$277.
Hate to call Chrysler chancing black mark on VIN and me! Oh well, I still believe customer service and making a known wrong, right is still an American Value!
Hope to post good fortune of Chrysler warranty coverage for clock spring replacement.
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Bad news.
Bob from the dealership called and said no to warranty or discount to replace the failed clock spring. No reason offered.
08 JKU with 37000 miles. Go figure!
Chrysler said they back the dealership decision. Said this was an issue in other models and years, not mine.

Chrysler did explain why the dealer would not cover....I am not a loyal customer. Guess what is in my file.

Counting on more complaints to put this into a recall.
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I will be filing my complaint as soon as I get my 09 rubi back ( I can't remember my vin #). $500 later it's crap that this isn't covered under my lifetime bumper to bumper warranty ( as apparently it only covers "hard" items not electrical).

There goes my new wheels/tire savings......
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I just filed my complaint. We really need to get this recall/warranty extended to the 2008's because I had the same issue and had to get it fixed to the tune of $550. I want that money back, Jeep!

Make sure you do your part by filling out the complain form on the nhtsa.org site.
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