That Poor XJ

I love the XJ platform, and this video shows why it has such a huge following: beat it to snot, and still, it won’t give up the ghost.

  Comments | By - September 11, 2014

Jeep Renegade European Launch Info

Sure, it’s no Wrangler Rubicon, but this little thing will be a pretty good performer compared with its bigger brothers.

  Comments | By - September 10, 2014

First Video of the Renegade Storming Some Grass

The Renegade hasn’t even been released yet in European countries, yet somehow the Italians got their hands on it and have already taken it off-road. I suspect insider wheeling and dealing. I’m looking at you Marchionne!

  Comments | By - September 10, 2014

Ha Ha! LeBron James’ Jeep Doesn’t Even Get a Bid

So, maybe there just aren’t that many Jeep enthusiasts who are LeBron James fans, or at least in the old state of Ohio even with the King returning home.

  Comments | By - September 10, 2014

Jeep Owners Don’t Always Make the Best Spokespeople

There’s an old adage that says, “Just because you drive a Jeep doesn’t make you worthy of being a spokesperson for one.” OK, that really isn’t an adage, but it certainly should be.

  Comments | By - September 9, 2014

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