Jeep Gets Caught in Another Recall

It seems these massive auto recalls are just going to become par for the course even for the beloved Jeep nameplate.

  Comments | By - September 29, 2014

Ferrari F40 Pretends it’s a Jeep

Here’s why it’s so cool when a Ferrari thinks it’s a Jeep.

  Comments | By - September 29, 2014

Double-Parker Jeep Warrior Goes Viral

The Corvette parking fiasco we reported on last week has made Kyle DeMattia a hero. The Jeep owner has taken interviews from television stations around the world, and his video (after the jump) has gotten more than 2.6 million views.

  Comments | By - September 29, 2014

Another Idiot Jeep Driver Move

You know, I’m really getting tired of these poor-judging Jeep owners bringing a bad name to the brand.

  Comments | By - September 26, 2014

Couple Spots Stolen Jeep on Freeway

Imagine having your Jeep stolen from you at gunpoint and then spotting it a week later on the highway.

  Comments | By - September 25, 2014

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