Badass Modified Jeep Grand Cherokees Sling Mud at Mudbog 2019

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With XJ and Wrangler prices remaining high, the WJ Grand Cherokee looks like a great, cheap path to muddy Jeep fun.

If you spend any time around your local trails, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a trend. And that trend is that most Jeep models out there are Wranglers. With a few XJs mixed in for good measure, of course. And that really isn’t a surprise, to be honest. Those two models are popular for a reason, and that reason is that they’re fantastic off-road machines. But after watching this cool video from Humman Off-Road, it makes us think that perhaps we shouldn’t sleep on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, either.

Particularly the WJ-gen Grand Cherokee, which are cheap and plentiful on the used car market. These former family haulers were once all over our roads, and are still quite popular today. So it’s really no surprise that a bunch of folks would start transforming these ‘utes into mudders. And that’s exactly what’s happening at this particular event.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Here we see a wide variety of modified WJs, from mild to wild. The only thing they really share in common is the fact that they all have snorkels. Which, in some cases, are obviously home engineered. But if you’re looking for a cheap way to have some muddy fun, this certainly looks like the way to go.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Toward the end of the video we’re treated to one seriously badass Jeep that’s obviously the opposite of a budget build. But we’re guessing that the build cost of this lifted rig still rings in at less than a comparable Wrangler. With XJ prices beginning to rise as well, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this trend continue. Because who isn’t down for a little cheap, down and dirty fun? Get after it!

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